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Goldie is a 9 year old mare mule, dark palomino with blonde mane and tail.  She stands 14.1 hands, nicely made with a smooth hip, good chest and straight legs.  She is good with her feet and ears and stands quietly to be mounted. She walks out really well, and has had a lot of trail riding miles and goes anywhere you point her, doesn't jump ditches or logs.  We've used her in the stock yards to pen back cattle, and she is good around dogs.  She would make a nice hunting mule, with plenty of go.


Socks is a 7 year old, black and white paint mare mule.  She stands 15.1 hands.  Socks is easy to catch, clip and shoe.  Socks has had lots of miles trail riding.  She walks out very well and has a nice, smooth walk.  Socks rides well in the arena and walks, trots and lopes circles.  She also side passes and takes both leads.  She has been used in the sale barn to pen back cattle.  Socks is a very gentle, very fancy mule that anybody can ride.

Sold - $9750 at Jake Clark Mule Days

PairA Dice's Lexie
pretty enough to take to the show pen.

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